Booking (english version)

Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version.

Thank you for your interest in an appearance at Filou. Please note the following before you apply:

Booking and Band Canditature at music pub Filou SteinhudeIn our small pub, we organize concerts of ambitious newcomers as well as of old hares in the music business. From the solo musician to the 7-headed band, everything has fit on our stage so far.
Your compassion is something other than singing? We are also open to other cultural contributions such as PoetrySlam, theater or readings. Just let us know about your program!

As we get a lot of inquiries and we can only offer 1-2 concerts per month, the dates are always very tight. We are planning about 6 months in advance. We are going to process all applications, but we will only get back to you if we are really interested in an appearance. Please do not send e-mails or messages via Facebook, only use the form on this page. You can also check who else will be or was playing here to find out if you or your band really fit with the Filou and its program. If we don’t reply to your message, it obviously does not mean that  we didn’t like the music, but mostly that we can not put it stylistically in our concept.

Organisational information on the booking:

In terms of music genre, we and our music-loving audience like a wide range of musical sytles, such as folk, soul, blues, hip-hop, pop, rock and funk. But of course, we are also open to a lot of other styles and look forward to your musical surprise, if it isn’t too specific to a certain target group and can also withstand a non-silent audience. Your own songs should have priority in your program. (We assume that the volume is adapted to the premises and our neighbors do not fall out of their beds.)
It would be great if there were some videos online or if you could send us footage from some of your live shows, because that is the best way for us to find out if your music fits into our music venue.

In general, we only organize entrance-free concerts with rarely less than 50 guests. We do not take any entrance fee but collect money at the end of each concert. These donations are given to the musicians. Drinks and our delicious baguettes for the band are on us. (However, due to organizational reasons, we do not offer any food for the audience, just in case your fans should ask.)


Stage days are Saturdays and Mondays (with few exceptions)
Stage time:
approx. 8 pm  (with a program of about 90 Minutes, including a break)
Doors open: 7 pm
Setup and soundcheck should be done by 6:45 pm at the latest, but if you arrive earlier we can also arrange it in the course of the day.
Please dismantle your equipment on the evening of the concert.

Excisting equipment:

If you need anything besides the above, please bring along your own, especially microphones, microphone stands and cables (XLR) which are not available!

Please send an E-Mail to